Public Meeting Guidelines For Conduct

The Emerson School Board of Directors Public Meeting Guidelines For Conduct


The Board of Directors of The Emerson School highly values the input of the school community, and believes in the right of members of our community to observe Board meetings. In order to ensure community members have an opportunity to observe Board meetings and offer public comment, and to ensure that the Board can conduct the important business of the School, it is essential that certain basic rules of conduct are complied with by community members.


The Board requires all members of the public to abide by the following guidelines:

  • All members of the public attending Board meetings must treat each other and the Board with respect.
  • Individuals are not permitted to engage in conduct that interferes with the ability of other citizens to watch the Board meetings, interferes with the ability of other citizens to offer public comment to the Board, or interferes with the ability of the Board to conduct its business.
  • Attendees who intend to offer public comment to the Board must sign up for comment (by emailing the Board President) before the start of each Board meeting.
  • Individuals who sign up to offer public comment must indicate the topic of their intended testimony and must provide contact information.
  • Individuals who offer public comment must submit a written transcript (24 hours in advance) of their public comment prior to speaking to the Board to be entered into the written record of the meeting.
  • Public comments are limited to no more than three minutes per individual, and may be shortened to as little as one minute at the discretion of the Board, depending on how many individuals are signed up for public comment and the total time allotted for public comment on the agenda.
  • Public comments must be directed to the Board and not to individual members
  • Public comments are heard by the Board and entered into the written record of the Public Comments portion of the meeting. The Board does not respond to nor answer questions presented as part of public comments.
  • Public comments must be presented in a professional and respectful manner and not threatening, profane, vulgar or abusive.
  • Individuals offering public comment are not permitted to make personal attacks on any School employee, Board member, other testifier or member of the public.