Our Story

The Emerson School Story

Hands-on, experiential learning through project based learning in multi-age classrooms.

The Emerson School was founded in 2003 by a trio of educators and parents who were passionate about the hands-on, experiential learning promoted through project-based education. Through their experience and research, the school's unique program was developed and implemented, and continues today as a model of how the Project Approach, Positive Discipline, Service Learning, and multi-age classrooms create unparalleled teaching and learning communities. The Emerson School has received the highest rating on the Oregon Report Card every year it has been rated.

Emerson students are frequently seen out in the city, investigating and learning from our local environment and experts. We have daily physical education as well as daily recess at lunchtime. Students at The Emerson School are required to meet all Oregon State Standards and Benchmarks, and perform well above both State and District averages on state assessments.

The Emerson School is a non-profit public charter school, sponsored by the Portland Public School district. Admission to the school is through an independent blind lottery process, open to all residents of the District.