Jeff, Educational Assistant


Jeff came to Portland in 2017, after falling in love with the city while visiting his wife's sisters who have lived out here for decades. Originally from NJ/NYC, he graduated from Lehigh University in PA with a BA in International Relations. He followed with some coursework at NYC's prestigious School of Visual Arts where he majored in Cartooning.

Jeff started working at Emerson as a volunteer doing school lunches and felt at home in the community. From there, he started part-time as an EA in 2018 and took on his current position in 2020 as a full-time EA.

Because Jeff is also an Emerson parent, he feels a strong bond with all the kids and families in the Emerson community. He is often heard saying "this is the best job I've ever had", and he means it, because he feels nothing is more important than education and helping the next generation of children reach their fullest potential.

Jeff also enjoys cooking, playing guitar in bands, art, and spending time with his family.